Bee C Hive Stands

Protected by U.S. Patent NO. D790137

In constructing this stand, I have been able to successfully combine some older, proven practices with a more modern approach to design. The stands are currently constructed out of 14 gauge, 1 ½ square tubing. Standing 18 inches off the ground, these stands are designed to not only protect your investment but also provide some relief from the discomfort that continual bending over creates.  Hence, making Bee C Hive Stands a more ergonomic, beekeeper friendly design.  All Bee C Hives Stands come with 4x4 reservoirs on each leg that are sealed with a rubber coating to provide added protection and extend the life of the metal. These reservoirs are typically filled with vegetable oil which inhibit ants or other unwanted pests from entering the hive and allow for uninterrupted bee productivity. Each stand is finished and painted with two coats of an industrial black enamel paint.

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