Two Hive Stand - Bee Hive Stand

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Two Hive Stand - Bee Hive Stand


48 inches in length, designed to hold 2 hive bodies while allowing for ample room between hives.

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In constructing this stand, I have been able to successfully combine some older, proven practices with a more modern approach to design. The stands are currently constructed out of 14 gauge, 1 ½ square tubing and come in multiple sizes (stands hold 1 to 6 hives). The hive stands are elevated 18 ½ inches off the ground and have a built in footing which can be filled with vegetable oil. The oil is used to create a reservoir; inhibiting ants and other unwanted pests from entering the hive. Each stand is designed to allow for 24 inches per hive. For instance, a two hive stand is 48 inches from end to end. This allows adequate spacing between hives and even leaves some work space for those tending to the bees.

Additional Benefits

Bee C Hives Stands are elevated 18 ½" off the ground to not only to help protect your bees but also provide some relief from the discomfort that continual bending over creates. Hence, making Bee C Hive Stands a more ergonomic, beekeeper friendly design.

These hive stands were designed with the intention of being seen in the hobbyist beekeepers backyard. We wanted the stands to compliment the usual colorful hive bodies and turn an ordinary bee yard into something that owners could be proud of and want to display.

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About the Owner

My name is Eric Scotti. I was born and raised in Texas and I consider myself to be a hardworking, honest, dependable man who revolves his life around family. And, although I am a typical ‘blue collar’ man and have worked hard for everything I have, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I will admit, though, that as I grow older I do prefer some of the finer things in life but I simply refuse to pay the outlandish prices that big businesses ask for them. Therefore, I have taught myself, mostly by trial and error, how to create some of the things I want in order to save money. This has certainly led to many challenges but I wouldn’t take for where it has gotten me. However, now I would like to expand on my efforts and offer other hard working individuals the opportunity to buy a quality product for a working man’s salary as well.